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lateral thigh trainer stepper

lateral thigh trainer stepper


Lateral Thigh Trainer 

A Fun, Fat Burning Cardio Workout The Lateral 

Thigh Trainer System gives

Lateral Thigh Trainer A Fun, Fat Burning Cardio Workout The Lateral Thigh Trainer System gives you two potent workouts in one machine. A fun, fat burning cardio workout plus a super effective toning workout. The Lateral Thigh Trainer not only moves up and down, it also moves in and out at the same time. The secret is the bi-directional skating like motion, unlike ordinary steppers the Lateral Thigh Trainer Unique movement targets multiple muscles from different angles. You’ll also receive Brenda Dygraf’s Power house Training Manual full of secret positions to do all kinds of fun full body aerobic moves While toning and shaping those hips, glutes, and thighs. As a special bonus you’ll also receive: Brenda’s Powerhouse Workout Video and The Powerhouse Food Plan. As an extra special bonus you’ll get the Powerhouse Training Computer that counts calories, totals strides, and total workout time


1) weight loss

2)improved body shape and definition

3)increased muscle mass, strength, endurance, power, and definition

4)enhanced flexibility

5)increased metabolism

6)injury protection

7)improved self esteem

8)improved aerobic fitness

9)inproved coordination and agility

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